1. Brand: JSJ jinshanjiao (formerly: JSJ Golden Triangle) originated in 1993 and was founded in 2004.

        *Company: Foshan yijietian Technology Co., Ltd. - Brand: JSJ jinshanjiao (formerly: JSJ Golden Triangle) is a technology innovation enterprise dedicated to providing consumers with all-round engineering wiring solutions with innovative technology, high-quality cable and high-quality service.
        We constantly observe the needs and aspirations of consumers, and strive to provide feverish environmental protection engineering wiring for hundreds of millions of families with innovative technology; we continue to lead the industry to upgrade and innovate, and go with the feverish, intelligent and high-quality era in the future.
        *Sustainable development strategy based on customer demand
        Our mission is to meet the needs of consumers, in the people-oriented on the basis of diversified development, the company's product line from the initial AV cable 3C digital cable The production of audio-visual connectors extends to the fields of generic cabling, system integration, intelligent security, intelligent home, intelligent building, intelligent rail transit, mechanical and electrical equipment, so as to enhance user experience and create a new generation of technologies and products that truly meet people's needs. Persisting in creative production, paying attention to sustainable development and creating a low-carbon life - green, intelligent and fashionable will be the key words of our new round of development.
        corporate culture
        Mission: to create value for users, improve employee happiness, and contribute to social development;
        Vision: to become a global brand with value and temperature;
        Values: user centered, sincere and dedicated;
        Business philosophy: through continuous optimization, gradually build an efficient and viable organization, strive for and create opportunities to provide users with valuable products and services, so as to obtain reasonable returns.
        JSJ jinshanjiao brand culture
        Jin: it is the most brilliant luster, the color of the sun, representing warmth and happiness, the color of wheat, joy and harvest, implying the enthusiasm and unity of enterprises, the harvest after efforts, shining in everyone's heart, warm the earth.
        Mountain: the mountains are heavy, the waters are complex, there is no way out, and there is another village with hidden willows and bright flowers. " Always remind us that no matter how difficult the road is, as long as we have firm faith and the courage to open up, we will be able to "find a way out" and emerge into a new realm of light and hope.
        Horn: 1 jiao = 10 points, like a gladiator with a brave heart, implying the enterprise to make great efforts, very full, to the enterprise goal brave heart.
        Interpretation of the overall brand concept: Jin's quality, unity and enthusiasm, innovative wisdom, continuous improvement, great determination, down-to-earth and sincere service.
        *Brand mission - technology connects the world, intelligence leads life
        *Brand vision 1 to become a respected cable leader
        *Core value - enterprise interests above all, dedication, gratitude, integrity, unity of knowledge and Practice
        Core value is the common belief of all staff in jinshanjiao. Jinshanjiao believes that only by adhering to these six core values can we maintain the right direction in the future development, truly become a world-class excellent enterprise, obtain the sustainable development of the enterprise, and finally realize the Evergreen Foundation of the enterprise.
        *Innovation, opening up, cooperation and competition
        The way of management is the basic guiding principle of jinshanjiao management, the summary of past successful experience, and the systematic cognition of the necessary conditions for the future survival of enterprises. The success of jinshanjiao operation depends on whether the enterprise has enough innovation ability, whether it can maintain a continuous open mind, whether it can cooperate closely with upstream manufacturers, and whether it can continuously obtain competitive advantage in the competition.
        *Talent concept - morality first, cultural identity, selecting talents and using energy, fair competition, performance orientation, clear rewards and punishments, unity and cooperation, and common growth
        Human resource is the first capital of the company. Jinshanjiao always attaches importance to the construction of talent team. Jinshanjiao adheres to the principle of "moral first, cultural identity" in selecting talents; adheres to the principle of "selecting talents, using abilities, fair competition" in appointing talents; adheres to the principle of "performance orientation, clear rewards and punishments" in assessing talents; adheres to the principle of "unity, cooperation, common growth" in cultivating talents.
        *Cultural foundation, words and deeds, unity of knowledge and practice, innovation and pragmatism are the principles and standards of jinshanjiao people
        "Confucius" day: people without faith, I do not know it can be. Big car is random, small car is inorganic, how can it be done?
        "Words and deeds must be fruit, knowledge and action in one" is the implementation spirit of jinshanjiao. Jinshanjiao people must implement all kinds of rules and regulations and administrative orders of the company to the letter, and dare to be responsible. "Innovation and pragmatism, keep improving" is the working spirit of creative manufacturing. Jinshanjiao people must be down-to-earth, pay attention to details, keep learning and improve bit by bit.


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